Atlanta's best summer drinks


Atlanta's best summer drinks

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Whit Whitmire

It's summer, and it's HOT out there.

Now, whether it's the heat or those pretzels making you thirsty, here are your best bets to quench that thirst around Atlanta.

This Summer's "It" Beer
It is with giddiness that we've watched the local beer scene explode in recent years. Both the number of breweries and the quality of the beer they're putting out is out of this world. One of the shining stars is definitely Athens based Creature Comforts. And the belle of the brewery ball this year is their IPA, Tropicalia. Probably the best version of an IPA around right now, you'll see the shiny orange cans in a ton of hands this Summer. If you want to try it, you'll need to hustle. Restaurants are running out and beer shops are putting limits on the amount you can buy. But, it will be completely worth the hunt when you finally get your hands on some. Bonus! Here are more IPAs for hop lovers.

If You Like Pina Coladas....
Okay, there are few Summer cocktails that inspire so much nostalgia as pina coladas. While you may think that you should be sipping on one at the beach (which you absolutely should!), what about a patio in the Old 4th Ward? You wouldn't think of a Mexican spot for your go-to spot for such tropical beverages, but Across The Street will change your mind. Everything's made from scratch and the frozen concoction will make everything amazing

Iced Coffee, Stepped Up a Notch
There's a new (iced) coffee in town, folks! Wanderlust has hit the ground running and it's giving us the fuel to make it through these hot and muggy days. You can find Wanderlust at several farmer's markets and boutique shops around town; we even found it at a beer fest! But, if you really want some crazy good tastiness, go to Octane, The Porter or Ration & Dram. Right now, these spots are pouring Wanderlust with nitrogen. "Nitro-coffee" tastes like a caffeine infused mix of Guinness. And it's going to be your morning beverage of choice. Trust us.

Lazy Sundays On The River
Emergency! We need a beer! Every Summer, thousands flock to the Chattahoochee River with their floats and a whole lot of beer. Because we are all super conscious of the law (right, guys?), this beers will all be in can form. And, while there are a ton of great beer being made in cans here in Atlanta, there is only one that is perfect for this kind of thing; Wild Heaven's Emergency Drinking Beer. It's easy to drink, crisp and refreshing. And at only 4%ABV, you can drink it all afternoon. Looking for more easy drinking beer? Here's a guide to the world's most popular beer.

A Soda With Your Daily Serving of Fruit
Head to Yalla at Krog Street Market or just about any farmer's market, and you'll come across Kathryn Fitzgerald's homemade sodas. I know what you're thinking; "I don't drink soda!" Pepsi, these are not; Kathryn uses the best local ingredients for her sodas. Think cucumber, lime and green coriander. These sodas are so addictive. They are so beautiful. They will be your favorite post-coffee-pre-beer and cocktails drink around.

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