Atlanta food that wins at your football tailgate

Updated Sept 01, 2016
Courtesy of Atlanta Eats

There is nothing we love more than a great tailgate. We're knee-deep in football season and it's time to get your food game plan together. If you don't want to battle the mobs of people swarming Costco, we know where you should go for that perfect party spread. We've scoured the city for unique tailgate food that you can take to-go, or dine in if you're in no mood for post-game clean up duty! Atlanta Eats is airing a one hour food and football prime time special on CBS and Peachtree TV this football season. Be sure to tune in for more tailgate tricks. 

Fox Bros. BBQ

Barbecue is as essential to tailgating as Fox Bros. BBQ is to Atlanta. Our favorite takeaway from the Fox Bros. menu is their grilled jumbo wings. They're a crowd pleaser filled with so much flavor; you're definitely going to eat more than you expect, so order accordingly. 


We are huge fans of Ormsby's short rib sliders for something a little outside of the box. No matter what size your party is, order 30 sliders or more for a higher sandwich to guest ratio. This is a decadent choice, but it is sure to be a fan-favorite.

Greater Good Barbecue

Everything from Greater Good is -- dare we say it -- great, but there is one menu item that is a total game-changer. Greater Good serves potato skins loaded with pimento cheese, coleslaw, pork or brisket barbecue topped with their barbecue sauce. These are sure to impress your guests and you may be calling an interference penalty if anyone gets between you and your way to the plate. 


One of the perks of living in Atlanta is having a Publix on almost every corner. There are multiple locations but their deli is consistently tremendous. Step right to the back of the store, and customize a sub platter in a matter of minutes. One thing is for sure -- the Pub sub never fails.


To add some southern flare to your football party, you're going to need a heap of pimento cheese. Smokebelly is right in the heart of Buckhead and prepares a fantastic version served with a pork rinds and house-made crackers. Grab a couple servings to add color to your party platters.


Unfortunately, Watershed won't serve you chicken to-go and neither will Colonnade with their classic recipe, but the next best thing is Popeye's. Show up with a couple buckets of Popeye's famous fried chicken and the fans will come running. Don't forget a side of biscuits!

Need more tailgate food? Tune into Atlanta Eats Prime Time on CBS at 8 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 12  for all you can eat.