Is Duluth Atlanta's next restaurant hot spot?


Is Duluth Atlanta's next restaurant hot spot?

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The dining scene in a northern corridor of I-85 is growing quickly, thanks primarily to word of mouth about the unique Korean cuisine. Who would have thought that Duluth would be producing some of the most creative and dynamic restaurants for Atlanta foodies and casual diners? Mouth-watering pork belly, innovative kimchi quesadillas and traditional rice bowls help put Duluth on the map. Check out these five spots and be on the inside of Atlanta's hidden culinary gem.

There is something so communal about cooking meat right there on the table. Walk into Breakers and the atmosphere tells you that you're in for a treat. The interior is chic, yet welcoming. This Korean BBQ gem is more than a spot to grill Kobe beef. Experiment with multiple sauces, super cool spices and a 32-ounce Soju to wash it down.

Nestled in a shopping center off Pleasantdale Road is a true diamond in the rough. This joint specializes in two words that would excite any group dinner: Korean tacos. The panko shrimp taco, Bulgogi (marinated beef) taco and tofu taco with caramel mayo will put you in culinary bliss.

When you think hot wings, most people think beer, buddies and a sports bar. Now you can take your crew up to Duluth for some of the best fried foods in Atlanta. Don't shy away from their other Korean classics but the wings, which come in some incredible and innovative Asian flavors, are a must.

Known for classics like cinnamon rolls and strawberry Danishes, Sweet Hut is the go-to destination for baked goods. Their menu is long and eclectic. In order to make this Duluth experience as authentic as possible, I tried some stuff off of the beaten path for Atlanta Eats. The Hokkaido (Japanese cupcake) is a textural dream and the BBQ pork puff tastes just like classic Korean street food.

5. SunO

Great night. Good times. Where do we wrap it all up? Fill your sweet tooth or late night craving (open till 1 a.m.) with one-of-a-kind Korean shaved ice (patbingsu). Mango and chocolate are great, but don't miss the classic patbingsu. Yes, it's red bean, rice cake and sweet milk. You'll have to try it yourself to understand this flavor combination.

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