Eat your way through Grant Park


Eat your way through Grant Park

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Crab fritters at Ziba's Bistro in Grant Park. 

One of the oldest neighborhoods in town, Grant Park drips with history. It also drips with amazing food. From Mexican food to great rooftop patios, pizza to award winning pancakes; this neighborhood has it all. So where do you go when you you’re in area? We’ve got you covered!

For breakfast:

There’s one spot in Grant Park that reigns supreme – Ria’s Bluebird. This place got a huge jump in recognition a few years ago, when the New York Times wrote a glowing review on their pancakes, calling them the best in the country. Now, don’t get us wrong; the pancakes are amazing. What we really love is the brisket bowl, though. It’s a bowl of steaming broth with brisket that’s been cooking for 12 hours and an egg poached in it. Soak it up with the toasted baguette on the side, and it’s a great way to start the day.

If you're on your way to Turner Field: 

About a mile away from the Ted is about the best Greek food you’ll find in the city. Nick’s Food To Go is housed in a little white brick shack on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. You can’t miss the jovial mural of Nick himself on the side. Inside this unassuming building are gyros that are a neighborhood favorite. We recommend the lamb, but Nicks’s also serves up chicken, pork and beef.

The tzatziki sauce is something that you could drink with a straw it’s so good. One warning: the spiced fries won’t make it to the stadium if you sneak one of them early. If you're headed to a game, here are some other dining options that you can take with you.

For Mexican:

There one place, and one place only for Mexican food in Grant Park, and that’s Mi Barrio. You’ll find it on the corner of Boulevard and Memorial. It’s a bright red building and inside is some of the best Tex-Mex you’ll find in this city. Strong margaritas, amazing tortas and fresh tortillas make it a force to be reckoned with. On Saturdays they make a pozole what will change your life.

For Rooftop Fun:

On Memorial Drive, across from Oakland Cemetery, you’ll find a trio of great rooftops-- Republic Social House, Tin Lizzy’s and Six Feet Under. Head straight to the rooftop bars for an afternoon in the sun. Start with a round of stiff margaritas and some seasons chips and salsa at Tin Lizzy’s. Then make your way over to Six Feet Under for local draft brews and some fresh oysters. At Republic Social House, end the night with the giant Jenga game and some grown up bingo.

For Vino

Whether you want lunch, brunch or dinner with your wine, Ziba's is the spot to go. Located on Boulevard, it’s a small, unassuming space with a killer wine list. Best of all, it’s very affordable, so order that second glass. The service is laid back, but the food is taken seriously; we’re partial to the crab fritters and mussels. Be sure to gather friends and try one of their wine tastings.



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