How Bartaco is taking over Atlanta

Updated Aug 06, 2015
Skye Estroff of Atlanta Eats
Large plate of tacos from Bartaco with a sashito cocktail on the side.

Everywhere we look there's a new Instagram post gushing over the simple Mexican style of Bartaco. They're escalating Atlantan palates with taco flavors like wild boar, fried oyster and curry shrimp and rolling up gourmet tamales like mushroom mole. Handcrafted drinks like watermelon sashito and the CLT with Chorizo infused tequila are served alongside. Their assorted trays are perfect for sharing with a group and provide the picturesque tablescape for that Instagram picture worth 100+ likes. Thank goodness Atlanta has locations in West Midtown and Chastain Park to spread out the demand. Atlanta Eats uncovers their secrets to success here.

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