VOTING CLOSED: Who has the best burger in Atlanta?

  • Jen West
  • For the AJC
Updated Feb 15, 2016
Daniel Durnell

Atlanta knows a thing or two about a good burger. As an honorary Southern diet staple, most restaurants take pride in having a juicy burger on their menu. From outrageous to classic, from single to double stack, you can find as many different varieties as there are days in the year. Therefore, finding the best is a big job. Can you handle it?

To get your taste buds going, here are some of your favorite burgers by neighborhood

Do you appreciate a creative take? These five over the top burgers were made just for you. 

Perhaps you are dreaming of warmer days and backyard parties. These burgers taste like they came straight off the grill.

Without further ado, claim stake on your favorite burger below, or nominate a reader's choice in the comments.