German museum presents artworks from collector's trove

A small number of artworks from a reclusive German collector's trove have been presented in Bonn in preparation for a wider exhibition.

News agency dpa reported that the German city's Bundeskunsthalle on Tuesday previewed works by Monet, Maillol, Boucher and Duerer and a marble statue by Rodin.

Switzerland's Kunstmuseum Bern plans to show several other pieces from the Cornelius Gurlitt collection Friday, and the two museums will open simultaneous exhibitions of hundreds of works in November.

Gurlitt died in May 2014 and designated the Swiss museum heir to his approximately 1,500-piece collection.

Experts have identified dozens of works in Gurlitt's collection that were likely looted by the Nazis, though they also ruled out several hundred more. So far, four works have been handed over to rightful owners.

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