One player holds an object as another player shines a light looking for clues at Urban Escape Games. CONTRIBUTED BY: BRANDEN CAMP

Join the Escape Room trend with these Atlanta and Zombie-themed games

It may sound absurd to pay money to be “locked” in a room, but it is actually the latest trend in live action gaming. Escape Rooms involve a group of people being placed in a room and given an hour to decipher a set of clues and puzzles in order to leave.

Although you’re not actually locked in the room (there are laws against that), the stakes can still feel pretty high. Many companies will provide hints to perplexed guests, but some participants still don’t complete the game in the allotted time.

Whether or not you succeed, you learn a lot about putting your best traits forward for the good of a team. The games are often used as team building exercises for corporate groups.

Escape Rooms have been growing in popularity locally, with each new company adding their own spin on the fun concept.

There are many options to choose from, but we’ve picked three of the most interesting escape rooms.

“CDC Lockdown” at Urban Escape Games in Alpharetta

Story: An outbreak occurs during a tour of the CDC. Your team has an hour to find the antidote.

Urban Escape Games at 20 Mansell Court East #275 Alpharetta, Ga. Dates vary. Tickets are $28. 678-805-2189.

“Atlanta” at Ultimate Escape Game in Atlanta

Story: Your team has an hour to unlock a safe containing the “secret Cola formula” using clues centered around popular Atlanta landmarks.

Ultimate Escape Games at 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 150 Atlanta, Ga. Dates vary. Tickets are $28. 770-693-2318.

“Trapped in a room with a zombie” at Room Escape in Tucker

Story: As your team tries to escape a room a zombie is getting closer to gaining freedom and attacking the group. Every five minutes a buzzer will sound, signaling that a zombie is able to move an additional foot away from the wall it is chained to.

Room Escape Atlanta at 1751 Montreal Circle Suite D Tucker, Ga. Dates vary. Tickets are $28. 404-480-0644.

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