Located in downtown Athens, The Classic Center is a reasonably affordable place to park on gameday.
Photo: Michelle Baruchman
Photo: Michelle Baruchman

5 places to park in Athens on gameday

Finding a parking spot in Athens on a Saturday in the fall can be a game within itself, but it doesn't have to be.

The key to parking in Athens on gamedays is having an exit strategy in mind and preparing your feet. There's no use saving yourself 10 minutes of walking time parking close if you're going to be waiting 45 minutes to get out of a spot.

Here are a few places around Athens to park on gamedays.

1. The Classic Center Parking

Of all of the parking decks in downtown Athens, The Classic Center is the most superior. Whereas the others' tight and narrow structures have a larger risk for bumping another car, the open and spacious parking spots promote fewer accidents. Additionally, the two separate decks offer exits toward Broad Street, Thomas Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Parkway/North Avenue.

2. The Varsity

Positioned toward the top of Broad Street, The Varsity parking allows you to grab a bite at the restaurant after the game and make a quick dash out of the city onto Georgia 316, all for a relatively low fee.

3. Milledge Avenue

All along Milledge Avenue are several businesses and religious organizations that will let you park for a reasonable price of about $15. Milledge is about two miles from the stadium and you'll pass many tailgating spots along your route. And when you are ready to leave, you'll be traveling in the direction of traffic flow, toward Macon Highway.

4. East Campus Parking Deck

Most people are migrating between central and south campus before, during and after the game. Parking in east campus will let you avoid most of that traffic. Take a shortcut behind the Georgia Museum of Art following the railroad tracks and you'll be at the stadium shortly. The Joe Frank Harris dining commons, located next to the deck, also makes for a convenient snack after the game.

5. Legion Field Lot

Since this lot is right across from the Tate Student Center, it is only recommended if walking is a serious concern to someone in your party. Legion Field is one of the closest parking spots to the Stadium, but you'll have to wait for the droves of people exiting and crossing Baxter Street and Lumpkin Street before you'll be able to leave.

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