Winner: Best TV anchor in Atlanta | Best of Atlanta

  • Jen West
Updated July 24, 2017

Atlanta TV anchors are practically members of the family. 

Most of us wake up to them delivering the news in the morning, and we spend our evenings watching them after a hard day’s work.

In one of our most popular votes to date, this week’s Best of Atlanta poll found out which Atlanta TV anchors are your favorite.

As part of the NBC family for over 19 years, Cheryl Preheim at 11Alive is your No. 1 anchor in Atlanta. Some of her favorite interviews to date have been with Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai, former President Jimmy Carter and virtuoso violinist Izhak Perlman. Cheryl makes watching the morning news a great way to start the day. 

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Fred Blankenship at Channel 2 Action News comes in second place as a friendly face we love to watch in the mornings and midday. His true passion is working with kids and young adults to help ensure they get added encouragement and support to accomplish whatever it is they want to do in life. This passion is apparent in his actions, initiatives and news delivery style. 

Third place goes to Russ Spencer at FOX 5, who brings us the evening news as most of us start winding down for the day. Russ has received 11 Regional Emmy awards during his time in Atlanta, including seven for Best Newscast and two for Best Anchor.

The Atlanta news family is diverse in talent and expertise. Congrats to all of our official nominees who bring something special to the table: Jovita Moore at Channel 2 Action News, Shiba Russell at 11Alive, Justin Farmer at Channel 2 Action News, Sharon Reed at CBS 46, Cynné Simpson at FOX 5, Amanda Davis at CBS 46 and Ben Swann at CBS 46. 

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The news delivers important information that helps us lead our best daily lives. It’s important to trust those who communicate such news that oftentimes impacts us on local and worldly levels. 

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