Photos: ‘12 Strays of Christmas’ adoption underway at Cobb pet shelter

Dec 14, 2017
These are some of the "12 Strays of Christmas," or adoptable animals highlighted by Best Friends Animal Society and the Bert Show.

If you’re still looking for the perfect holiday gift, an adorable animal wouldn’t mind scratching that off your list.

For a dozen days leading up to the 25th, the “12 Strays of Christmas” campaign aims to find homes for the animals who have been at Best Friends-Atlanta shelter the longest.

The program is on its sixth day, and a spokeswoman said Thursday afternoon that some of the featured animals haven’t yet been adopted.

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This is the seventh year The Bert Show’s Kristin Klingshirn has partnered with the shelter to bring attention to the animals on the Q100 radio program.

The shelter, which is part of the national Best Friends Animal Society organization, is located at 4874 S. Atlanta Road in Smyrna. 

The pets for the 19th and the 20th were already adopted.

Dec. 15, Nemo

“Are you looking for a calm sidekick? An office buddy? Nemo is your guy,” the shelter said. Nemo is an 11-year-old poodle mix who weighs 18 pounds. He has been behaving just fine while being housed with dogs of similar size.

Nemo is 11 Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

Dec. 18, Tanner

“Tanner is a darn good dog,” the shelter succinctly said. But they admit he does have “some behavior issues that will need work.” The two-year-old pitbull terrier mix weighs 49 pounds.

Tanner Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

Dec. 21, Flora

“Flora is one for the finer things in life: napping, snacking and snuggling,” according to Best Friends. At 18 months old, she doesn’t actively seek out other cats but gets along fine with people. She is a 14-pound domestic short hair mix.

Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

Dec. 22, Lemonade

A hound mix, Lemonade is a year old. She weighs 23 pounds.

Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

See all “12 Strays of Christmas” here.

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