Ranking: N. Fulton beer garden is one of the best in U.S.


Ranking: N. Fulton beer garden is one of the best in U.S.

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The view from a premium apartment at the Avalon live-shop-play-work development in Alpharetta.

With the craft brew boom, beer gardens have continued to grow in popularity.

Beer seems to mix pretty well with fresh air, so many of the popular beer gardens offer outside seating on patios and roofs. Some establishments allow drinkers to bring their pets along, and many offer food.

What makes a beer garden great is debatable, but the folks at Thrillist have whittled down all of the beer garden’s in the United States to just 21 that are must-visits for beer drinkers. 

Cracking the list is a fairly new spot in north Fulton County, the Barleygarden.

Barleygarden sits in Alpharetta’s mixed-use development, Avalon. It was created by Kraig Torres and his team at Hop City and opened in Avalon this past April as part of the development’s Boulevard East expansion.

It’s a full-service beer garden and restaurant, catering to new drinkers, beer geeks and everyone else. Barleygarden also offers food, cocktails and wine, and yes, your dogs are welcome.

Another perk of Barleygarden is that Avalon allows alcoholic drinks to be consumed throughout the large development, so you can take your drink with you. Barleygarden even features a to-go walk-up window.

It features two patios, one on the ground and one on the roof, and the beer menu changes often. So with every visit, there will be a new beer to try.

On Barleygarden, Thrillist writes: “Barleygarden's made what could have been a fairly stale suburban outdoor shopping plaza/mixed-use development… legitimately cool ... Maybe the suburbs aren’t so bad?”

The beer garden at Avalon is open every day of the week with varying hours. Visit its website for more information.

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