Sweetwater Brewing unveils “Patriot” brew after losing Super Bowl bet


Sweetwater Brewing unveils “Patriot” brew after losing Super Bowl bet

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Courtesy of  Sweetwater Brewing Co.

Unfortunately, the Dirty Bird Lager will never be. 

Instead, to stick to its bet with Boston Beer, Sweetwater has renamed its 420 Ale Patriots Extra Pale Ale after the Atlanta Falcons lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Sweetwater announced its new brew in a tweet , conceding to the bet by tweeting the New England fans couldn’t “claim we don’t keep our word.” 

A healthy Twitter battle had been brewing between the two hometown ale makers in the days leading into the Super Bowl. Boston Beer Co., the brewer behind Samuel Adams, was to brew the Dirty Bird Lager if the Falcons won. 

Sweetwater is offering 100 commemorative cans of the brew during tours for a limited time only.

Coincidentally, the lost bet falls on the heels of Sweetwater’s 20th anniversary party, which takes place Feb. 19. 

The Patriots-themed brew will be available until right before the party, but there will be no Patriot Extra Pale Ale served at the anniversary party, according to Sweetwater spokeswoman Tucker Berta Sarkisian.

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