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Galentine’s Day 2023: What it is and how to celebrate

Galentine's Day marked on a calendar. Observed on February 13.

This is officially your sign to celebrate Galentine’s Day!

February, no doubt, has always been the month of love. We shower our significant others with sweet treats and gifts on Valentine’s Day. But the day prior is dedicated to getting together with our true soulmates: our besties.

This unofficial holiday isn’t meant to bash those who will celebrate love the next day, or, as many may believe, you don’t have to be single to partake in Galentine’s Day festivities either. The day is simply meant to honor our girlfriends, who are always there for us.

Where did Galentine’s Day originate?

Fun fact: Galentine’s Day dates back over a decade to an episode of the popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” In 2010, during season 2, episode 16, titled “Galentine’s Day,” the lead character Leslie Knope explains the meaning behind the holiday.”Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style,” Leslie explains. “Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Since the episode, Galentine’s Day has grown in popularity, so mark it down on your calendar because we know the best way to celebrate.

How do I celebrate Galentine’s Day?

I’m so glad you asked. Commemorating the day with a gift exchange or brunch is a great way to honor your gal pals. But we have an even better idea. Nothing beats a girls’ night in with your favorite snacks, drinks and a good movie.

We rounded up our girlfriends and played a little game. We picked three colors: green, blue and red. Each of us shopped for three food items, one in each of the chosen colors, and during our get-together, revealed our items one at a time based on the color.

It was so much fun! We all shopped at our neighborhood Kroger. Here’s what we bought: The green round consisted of Private Selection macarons, Simple Truth Organic cucumber melon seltzer water, Simple Truth jalapeno crackers, private selection jalapeno dip, classic sour cream and onion Pringles and ready to drink classic lime margarita.

The blue round included these girls’ night must-haves: Kroger’s mermaid sparkle ice cream, Simple Truth organic popcorn, Trolli sour brite crawlers, Simple Truth pita crisps, shareable Chips Ahoy! cookies and nostalgic Rice Krispies Treats.

Coming in hot was the red round. We got our hands on the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Popcorn, the perfect cheese and crackers party tray, a bottle of Josh Cellars rose, in the spirit of love, we had to have a heart-shaped candy box, tasty Kroger’s cereal bars, and for an alcoholic-free drink, Kroger’s raspberry lemonade.

Grab your Galentine’s Day necessities from Kroger and shower your closest friends with love and snacks.

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