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Shopping hacks that will save you time and money at Kroger

A Kroger delivery truck returns to Kroger Delivery Atlanta Fulfillment Center in Forest Park on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. (Hyosub Shin /

Savings on fuel, grocery delivery perks and exclusive discounts? Count me in! We’ve scoped out the best tips and tricks to make the most of your next grocery shopping experience.

Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, operating nearly 2,800 grocery retail stores. Whether you enjoy shopping in-store or online, there are plenty of ways to save time and money in the checkout line.

1. Score savings and benefits with Boost

Have your cart ready in the Kroger app? Before checking out, take a look at the digital coupons before placing your order. This will ensure you’re taking advantage of any special offers. You can also search “free” in the search bar to see what items are BOGO.

4. Shop Kroger’s quality private-label brands

Shopping store brands is a great way to save, and Kroger offers an array of private labels at every price point, including Private Selection and Simple Truth labels. Think elevated charcuterie, tasty dips, a variety of baked goods, and fancy frozen pizzas and fruit when it comes to Private Selection’s “finer fare.” Don’t overlook the Simple Truth logo, as it offers natural and organic options free from artificial preservatives and GMOs. Simple Truth foods are often much more affordable than what you might pay at a specialty retailer, such as Whole Foods.

5. Short on time? Grab a meal kit!

Dinner time has never been easier. Many Kroger stores carry Home Chef meal kits, with choices ranging from hassle-free oven kits to ready-to-heat pizzas, seasonal soups, quick heat-and-eat options and so much more. If you would rather cook but want to avoid making a store run, subscribe to, where you can customize weekly recipes and have them delivered straight to your front door.

Kroger has you covered with top-notch savings! Be sure to follow Kroger on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for delicious recipes, specials and new upcoming products.

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