Zoo Atlanta closes during storm


Zoo Atlanta closes during storm

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courtesy Zoo Atlanta
Idgie, the red panda, will miss you, but Zoo Atlanta remains closed Tuesday, due to inclement weather. Photo: courtesy Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta remains closed Tuesday as Atlanta cleans up from Hurricane Irma.

Zoo officials said to check the zoo’s website, zooatlanta.org for further information.

Before the storm arrived, the animals were all given safe lodging.

“The animals have all been secured in safe spaces, and a number of the animals who usually stay outside (examples flamingos, Aldabra tortoises) have been moved into indoor areas,” said zoo spokeswoman Rachel Davis.

“This is the protocol we use for any type of inclement weather, and we have been planning for this for several days ever since learning that the storm might head through our area. We also have staff on hand to make sure the animals receive their diets and are otherwise cared for during inclement weather,” she said.

Shamba, a western lowland gorilla, will see no visitors Tuesday while Zoo Atlanta is closed. Zoo officials said the zoo would reopen later this week, and to look for announcements. Photo: courtesy Zoo Atlanta

Staff and volunteers were eager to care for the animals, even during the storm. "We have an incredibly dedicated animal care team,” said Davis. “We will keep everyone updated about our plans for Tuesday.”

The zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals from around the world. 

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