Ron Howard, Brian Grazer launch networking platform ‘Impact’ in Atlanta for entertainment industry

Impact networking app
Courtesy of Impact

If you’re looking to connect with the entertainment industry’s best talent, productions and studios, this app is made for you.

Founded by Oscar-winning duo Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, “Impact” is an online professional network for the film and TV industry that’s focused on serving the needs of crew and the challenges of production. Think of it like a LinkedIn for the entertainment industry – it’s a way to make it easier for productions to hire talent faster, wrap earlier and be more inclusive.

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“We launched Impact to empower the people who bring stories to life,” said Brian Grazer in a press release. “We want crew to have the ability to access more opportunities and streamline how productions connect and collaborate.” While the app has been in beta for the past year, people are clearly already anxious to use it – with more than 18,000 registered users, (4,000 users based in Atlanta). Also, in the past 90 days alone, 13 productions in Atlanta and a total of 50 around the world, have used “Impact” to help source crew for 118 jobs on major shows and movies, including “Houston” and “The Color Purple.”

The industry has suffered shortages of crew and equipment, so it can take producers and studios months to get crew and locations, causing major production delays. “Impact” is hoping to change that landscape with its database of over 400,000 profiles for crew from top film and television shows. Now, production teams can find talented, available crew sooner, as quickly as 24 hours or less.

“While there have been tremendous technological innovations over the years in digital effects, cameras, editing and streaming, the actual mounting and physical production of shows has not changed much in the past 20 years,” Ron Howard said in a press release. “We hope that Impact will make the hard-working crews’ jobs a little easier and allow productions to run a bit smoother and maybe even wrap days earlier.”

Impact” publicly launched in the Atlanta market, I’m sure due to the fact that it’s a rapidly growing hub for some of the entertainment industry’s best talent, productions, and studios.

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