10 worthwhile hobbies to pick up in metro Atlanta

A goat stands among women stretching in a goat yoga event in Georgia.

After a few years of being stuck in a pandemic and confined to Netflix, it’s time to get out and explore new hobbies – and make friends along the way! So next time that TV remote control and couch call your name, resist the urge to plop down and crack open that bag of chips. Instead, check out some of the following social activities and clubs in Atlanta that will have you gaining new skills while making friends and having fun.

Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is a combination of yoga, therapy and fun that brings a new meaning to namaste. During a goat yoga session, you’ll either be assigned your own goat or you’ll be on a farm where goats will be roaming around you. While you perform your Downward Dog, a goat may climb on you. Try goat yoga at Serenbe Yoga + Bodyworks, Love GOGA Goat Yoga and Mindful Seeds, GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga, and Goat Yoga Georgia.

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks is an acrobatic full-body workout that works on flexibility, muscle mass, meditation and focus, with an element of suspense. As you move in the air wrapped around a colorful fabric, you will be awed at your ability to contort your body into cool poses. Work towards a showcase to wow your friends, and who knows, you may fulfill your Cirque du Soleil dreams! Aerial silks are offered at Challenge Aerial, Pole La Teaz, Atlanta Kick and The Sky Barre.


Aim for focus, hand-eye coordination and an amazing upper-body workout with archery lessons. In recent years, the medieval sport has gained popularity due to various films such as “The Hunger Games,” “Lord of the Rings” and “Brave.” Grab your bow and arrow and head to Panola Mountain State Park or the Atlanta Archery Club, which can allow you to join more serious leagues.

Roller Derby

If you used to go roller skating at your local rink when you were younger and would like to pick it back up, it’s better to skate than never! Join the Atlanta Roller Derby recreational league to roll with the ins and outs of one of the fastest-growing sports, while making friends and getting a great workout. If you don’t have skates, they’ll provide you with temporary rentals.

Candle Making

Let candle-making classes light the way to a new hobby. Homemade scented candles make a comforting addition to your home by offering a serene, aromatic experience that you yourself created. They also serve as excellent gifts for friends. Classes at Bear and Honey Candle (which also sells candles in the shape of cupcakes, martinis and pancakes), Lot 23 Chandler Company and Crafted Creations Candle Studio will be sure to set the mood.

Ultimate (Frisbee)

Want to play a sport that combines skills from soccer, basketball and football? Let’s disc-uss Ultimate (also known as Ultimate Frisbee) with the Atlanta Flying Disc Club or Atlanta Sport and Social Club! Time will really fly when you are having fun picking up this new skill.

Cake and Cookie Decorating

Decorate your cake and eat it, too. Impress your friends at the next birthday party or social gathering by learning how to design beautiful cakes and cookies. Cake and Sip teaches you how to transform four-layer vanilla bean cakes into dazzling creations, while Cookie Nip Studio Kitchen offers a distinct vanilla and salted caramel blend cookie that you will learn how to create from scratch.

Ceramics / Pottery Making

Come out and clay by taking ceramics and pottery classes at Atlanta Clay Works and Spruill Center for the Arts. Sit behind the potter’s wheel and get ready to get down and dirty as you design beautiful works of art for your home and for friends. Learn how to make cups, mugs, bowls and ornaments through various techniques, including stained glass mosaics and Raku, a traditional Japanese low-fire method that produces unique designs.


Become trained in the art of funny. Whether you are destined for prime time or just the local theatre, improv classes offer skill-building in public speaking, thinking fast on your feet, listening and teamwork. Local theatre companies such as Dad’s Garage and Village Theatre offer classes in levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Bocce Ball

You may have played bocce ball, a sport that originated in Italy and can be best described as “bowling meets billiards,” at a local brewery or bar. Roll those casual skills over to the competitive leagues with Atlanta Bocce League, where you can join a team that plays in various locations around town. Advance your bocce skills over drinks, new friends and fun.

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