Break a sweat indoors with these fitness ideas in metro Atlanta

Group of women working balance exercise in the gym.

The new year is upon us, and so is winter time. With Atlanta weather, we truly don’t know what temperature we are going to get on any given day, which doesn’t really help with planning our outdoor runs or bike rides.

But if there’s one thing that’s consistent, it’s indoor fitness classes. And the good news is that there are plenty of options in the Atlanta area to choose from. We’ve put together an indoor training guide to help motivate picking up a new fitness hobby in 2023. Read below for the list, as well as studios that can help you get started.

Indoor rock climbing

Start your new year’s resolutions strong by climbing to new heights. Indoor rock climbing allows you to perfect your climbing technique using belay systems, and have fun in the process given that it is a partner-oriented workout. Atlanta has multiple options for indoor rock climbing, including Stone Summit, Wall Crawler Rock Club, and The Overlook Climbing.


If you’re looking to release aggression from the past year, let kickboxing hook you into a new favorite indoor workout. Learn how to properly punch, kick and burn over 500 calories at kickboxing gyms around Atlanta including Atlanta Kick, Team Octopus and X3 Sports. These gyms also offer additional martial arts classes, including but not limited to karate, jiu-jitsu and muy thai.


Dance your way into a new year, new you when you take up Zumba, a highly choreographed indoor dance workout set to upbeat Latin music. Multiple LA Fitness, YMCA and Lifetime Fitness gyms offer Zumba as part of their class offerings.

Indoor Rowing

Get prepared to be blown out of the water when you try indoor rowing, a workout that will significantly test your stamina in just a short amount of time. You’ll come out of the workout feeling leaner, toner and significantly fitter. Row House offers indoor rowing-specific classes, while CrossFit gyms include rowing as part of their daily programming.

Indoor Cycling / Spin Class

If you don’t live near a bike-friendly area or just simply don’t want to deal with car traffic, consider an indoor spin class. These classes offer a great way to burn calories and sweat while also being low-impact. Many cycling gyms utilize technology to allow you to measure and track your performance against yourself and fellow cyclists, adding an element of competition. Consider trying out Vibe Ride, CYCLEBAR, and Rukus Cycling Studios, all in the Atlanta metro area.

Aerial Silks

Let your Cirque du Soleil dreams come alive when you try out an aerial silks class, which serves as a full-body workout while also teaching style and grace. As you are suspended in the air, embrace the beauty of what your body can do with the colorful fabric wrapped around you. Aerial silks classes are available at Challenge Aerial, The Sky Barre, PoleLaTeaz (bonus: they also offer pole dancing classes) and Atlanta Kick.

Yoga and/or Pilates

Get ready to be transformed when you take an indoor yoga or pilates class. While both types are classes are slightly different, both workouts focus on deep breathing and mindfulness and can improve your flexibility and muscle tone. For yoga, check out studios in the Atlanta area such as Evolation Yoga, Highland Yoga and Dancing Dogs Yoga, and for pilates or pilates-style workouts, look into solidcore, Stellar Bodies and The Daily Pilates.

Strength Training or Functional Fitness (CrossFit, HIIT, Bootcamp and more)

If you’re looking to take your fitness journey to overdrive, look into a strength training or functional fitness class that mixes strength and cardio for maximum results. Many of these classes utilize high-intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques, circuit training, Olympic movements and more. Look into gyms such as Venture CrossFit, Crossfit Downtown Atlanta, Atlanta Kick, The Training Room, and Terminus Strength and Conditioning.

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