Best ways to volunteer in Atlanta to help the unhoused

Since its founding in 1938, the Atlanta Mission has grown from soup kitchen to a prominent local provider of emergency shelter, rehab and recovery services, vocational training, and transitional housing.
Courtesy of the Atlanta Mission

The most recent estimate put the city of Atlanta’s unhoused population at around 3,000. However, many experts say that’s an undercount and that in particular, it’s difficult to get a good number of individuals who don’t have a regular or adequate nighttime residence.

Whatever the number, people without permanent residences need lots of assistance. How can you help? By volunteering time and making donations to an outreach program:

Website:; Contact: 404-588-4000

Nicholas House

Nicholas House is the only shelter in Atlanta offering housing to any homeless family. It operates an emergency shelter and has two different programs for families with some income but perhaps not enough to maintain stable housing. It also runs a program offering housing to chronically homeless families facing special challenges. There are many different ways to volunteer from preparing meals, to playing with kids or helping them with their homework, to mentoring adults.

Website:; Contact: 404-622-0793

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